Building upon excellence

The field of artificial intelligence is already firmly established on the Prague academic scene. The Czech Technical University and Charles University both offer first-class AI education, enabling their graduates to rank among the world’s best in sub-fields such as computer vision, robotics, or natural language processing.

Articles authored by researchers at these universities have been published in prestigious scientific journals, and their breakthrough findings improve the functionality of Google Translate, Spotify, or Amazon Alexa. Even the Falcon 9 Rocket by SpaceX is learning to land with the help of Czech experts on artificial intelligence.

Access to such industry leaders provides students with the opportunity to participate in research projects alongside trailblazing companies or to take part in prestigious international competitions. In conjunction with quality teaching, such experience enables them to develop a promising career in industry and research, at home or abroad. students community

Educating future generations

Thanks to the excellent academic environment in Prague, dozens of successful companies have sprung up here and their AI-powered products and services are celebrated around the world. In addition, several industry giants such as Cisco,, and Honeywell have established their research departments here.

To develop this potential further, we have initiated the implementation of an AI curriculum in secondary schools with the help of leading experts and the City of Prague. We have also created the unique Minor programme for CTU and CU students interested in artificial intelligence.

To promote interdisciplinarity, which we recognise as increasingly important in the context of AI, we organise lectures and meetups for students across sciences, arts, and humanities. We also emphasize it in the content on our Journal or in the shows we produce with the Red Button EDU initiative. Minor

Pooling the best
of AI education

In the winter semester of 2019, we launched Minor: its uniquely structured syllabus enables carefully selected students at participating faculties to explore artificial intelligence from technical, security-focused, and ethical perspectives.

The course covers key subjects in machine learning and AI, which are taught at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology at the CTU, as well as at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University.

Above all, the program helps students from various fields become part of an active community of young people interested in AI, contribute to the formation of the Prague innovation ecosystem, and get acquainted with its current leaders.


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