What do you think of when you hear “artificial intelligence”?

Although experts have not yet agreed on a precise definition, it can be summarised as a computer-simulated ability to understand a goal and act in such a way that it can be achieved. But let’s not get swayed by representations of AI presented in dystopian films, snappy headlines, or, for example, by Karel Čapek in the drama R.U.R. or in the Jewish legend of the Prague Golem.

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We use AI-based tools every day

Artificial intelligence is speeding up drug development and space exploration, but it can also help you find the most convenient route from your home to the office and filter spam from your inbox. However, like any technology, AI can be misused: to invade privacy or generate fake messages, for instance. We must therefore approach it with due caution and insight.

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Bridging the gap between today and the future

AI has immense potential to improve the quality of life and become an integral part of all human pursuits. That is why we develop activities aimed at elucidating the basics of AI and enabling anyone to become acquainted with its current abilities and limitations. We popularise artificial intelligence transparently, openly, with a critical eye, and in cooperation with leading Czech and foreign experts.


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