Transforming Prague
into a significant
European AI hub

We support talent and business, strengthen the relations between research and application, promote the local ecosystem abroad, and enlighten the public on the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence.

As a non-profit initiative, we strive for a prosperous innovation environment, thereby contributing to Czech economic and social development.

  • Companies

    We're connecting businesses that are really serious about AI. Our growing membership base includes 16 industry members and 11 partner companies.

  • Dny AI & AI Awards

    We co-organize the biggest AI event of the year, crowned by an industry awards ceremony. AI Days will allow you to experience AI through all your senses.

  • Minor

    We coordinate the unique inter-university program Minor, which blends the best of the four faculties of CTU and Charles University.

  • Elements of AI

    We are a national partner of the world's leading online course Elements of AI and from 2021 we are administering its Czech version.

We are the heart of the Prague AI ecosystem

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