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  • Elements of AI

    In cooperation with the Czech Technical University, Charles University and the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, we launched the Czech version of the free online course Elements of AI for the public.

  • Minor

    We created an inter-university programme Minor, which enables Czech Technical University and Charles University students to attend the best courses in artificial intelligence and build relationships with key players of the Prague AI scene.

  • High School AI

    We initiated a collaboration between Machine Learning College and the City of Prague, which brought about the AI Academy project. Its goal is to create teaching materials on AI for secondary vocational schools and grammar schools.

  • AI and Human Rights

    We are the application guarantor of a project on the regulation, risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence in the human rights field. Together with Ambis University, Czech Technical University and Masaryk University.

  • Big Data 4 AI

    We are part of the implementation team of the project, which aims to support the Czech industry and the development of artificial intelligence through direct assistance in overcoming legal obstacles to the processing of large volumes of data.

  • Prague’s International Researchers

    We are building and managing a multi-disciplined community called Prague's International Researchers. Its goal is to facilitate networking, information and experience exchange, and and make living and working in Prague more attractive.

  • Deus ex machina

    In co-production with Red Button EDU, we created the Deus ex machina series, which sheds light on the current possibilities and limits of AI's practical use in various fields.