AI is attracting companies, intends to meet demand with new partnership concept

- press release - The artificial intelligence platform is opening up to companies outside the industry. The consulting company EY, the law firm KROUPAHELÁN and the pharmaceutical manufacturer Zentiva became partners of in early 2023. What unites these at-first-glance different partners is that even if they don't have a business built around AI, they are best suited to be leaders in their industries in its adoption and use.

The organisation has entered its fifth year of existence with a new partnership concept and three distinctive partners on board. “Opening up to a broader base of companies has been one of my priorities since taking office. I see the new partnership concept as a natural evolution of our activities connecting and bringing together different actors and sectors,” says Lukáš Kačena, Managing Director of

“We are seeing a significant demand from the private sector for information about AI’s possibilities. At the same time, it is not easy to navigate the topic, as it is developing really dynamically.”

The interest in artificial intelligence gained momentum late last year with the spread of tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney among the general public. “We are seeing a significant demand from the private sector for information about AI’s possibilities. At the same time, it is not easy to navigate the topic, as it is developing really dynamically,” Kačena points out. 

In addition to the founding members the City of Prague, CTU, Charles University and the Academy of Sciences the organisation has relied on so-called industry members from the beginning. Companies for which AI is the alpha and omega of their business. In this respect, the partnership responds to the interest of firms outside the industry trying to implement AI within their fields. And to do so with the maximum possible benefit for themselves and their clients.

“At Zentiva, we are dedicated to leveraging the power of AI to improve our products and business operations. We believe in the importance of learning, sharing, and collaborating, which is why we’ve decided to partner with,” comments the partnership Jan Krechl, Digital Innovation Manager at the Zentiva R&D centre.

AI will change legal services like very few other industries. At KROUPAHELÁN, we have always used new technologies to the benefit of our clients, and the same will be the case with AI. We are looking forward to work with,” adds Ondřej Vykoukal, Senior Attorney at KROUPAHELÁN.

“Our main goal is to accelerate data-driven transformations in business and support the next generation of data scientists,” concludes Kateřina Hladká, Senior Data Scientist, EY Advanced Analytics.

This year, the organization plans to expand its partner base further. With the ambition to bring together a rich mix of companies that can share their experience with new technologies and advance each other and the implementation of AI itself.

EY, and its Advanced Analytics teams, provides clients with machine learning end-to-end solutions and analytics. By enabling data-driven strategic decision making our clients’ business growth is optimized using e.g. on-trade acquisition or predictive retention modelling.

KROUPAHELÁN is a Czech law firm that enjoys exploring undiscovered corners of the legal universe related to technology, software and intellectual property law. It provides the kind of legal services that first and foremost help the client, but at the same time it sees a purpose and a future in them. This is also why the firm has ventured into AI.

Zentiva is a leader in the production and sale of high-quality, affordable medicinal products. It is represented in more than 30 countries. Zentiva has a strong focus on innovations within the generic medicine industry and innovations powered by AI. Last year the company established Zentiva AI Lab in Prague.