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With Dny AI, we managed to connect not only the Czech AI scene, but also different sectors of society, allowing all participants to take a look under the hood of what is happening in the world of artificial intelligence. The four-week marathon of more than a hundred events in four cities across the Czech Republic culminated in the Prague finale and industry awards ceremony. But that doesn't mean there's nothing else going on, quite the opposite!

🏡 What’s new at prg․ai

Dny AI 2023 are over and AI Awards out

The month-long festival Dny AI (AI Days) is over. Over a hundred workshops, presentations, lectures or discussions were offered in the areas of AI implementation in business, education or public administration. There were also formats designed for the general public, such as demonstrations of autonomous vehicles or a special AZ Kvíz (and since you’re asking, the machine won). A look back at Dny AI 2023 is in the works, as well as other follow-up events. It was the first time we had undertaken such a large and ambitious event, which makes the enthusiastic feedback we received from you – partners, speakers and visitors – all the more gratifying. We cherish it!

Part of the Prague week was the AI Awards ceremony for the most outstanding achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. A total of 111 projects were nominated and the winners in five categories were decided by an expert jury as follows:

Social contribution – Project DOAZARC of the Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences in Pilsen
finalists: Speechtech, Verifee Research Collective

Education – AI Dětem
finalists: Aignos, Smíchovská průmyslová střední škola AI Lab

Research & Development – Josef Šivic
finalists: Stanislav Fort, Team of scientists of  the Data Science Laboratory of the Faculty of Information Technology CTU and Meteopress

Public administration – JALUD Embedded
finalists: ČEPS AI team, Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen

Business – Resistant AI
finalists: EquiLibre Technologies, MAMA AI

Organizers’ award – Carebot

Congratulations! You can

Another month, another new member 

We welcome Apify as our new industry member. Apify is a Czech startup focused on web data extraction and process automation. In their Store, you can discover a range of Apify Actors that can be used to efficiently gather information from Google Maps, social media and other sites. You can also try out their ChatGPT plugin. Apify is also behind the development of integrations for platforms like LangChain and LlamaIndex, allowing companies like Intercom to use generative AI to boost business, for example through chatbots.

Together, we informally kicked off our collaboration and the Prague week of Dny AI in the Lucerna attic. Apify hosted a meetup Data as Fuel for AI & you can find the recording of the talks on YouTube.

WIRED now also in Czech 

The first issue of the technology magazine WIRED was published in the Czech Republic in November, including the first of a series of texts we are preparing together with WIRED. Stanislav Fort’s commentary, which will help you reliably catch up on the AI rest of the year if you’ve slept through the last year. Then, in the next issue, you can look forward to Daria Hvižďalová’s commentary on education and AI.

We have 18 new graduates

We are very happy that 18 more students have successfully graduated the Minor programme, bringing the total number of graduates to 47. Another 108 students are now enrolled in Minor at the same time. Our unique inter-university programme combines the best that the CTU and Charles University curricula have to offer on artificial intelligence, enriching not only the talents with knowledge but also resumes with experience. The certificate ceremony was attended by the municipal representation of Prague and all five participating faculties at the Prague Mayor’s residence. 

The graduates of Minor are also making waves on the international stage. In particular, Petr Kasalický from FIT CTU brought home an international award from Los Angeles for the best student paper on the topic of recommender system evaluation. Bravo!

In the moderator’s chair

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence and its impact. That was the title of the SH!FTS23 conference panel, moderated by Lenka Kučerová. Together with top AI experts Petr Baudiš, Tomáš Mikolov and Martin Schmid, they agreed that critical thinking is the most important skill of the future. If you didn’t have a chance to attend, you can listen to the interview with the speakers recorded during the event. Other interesting guests also spoke at the SH!FTS23 conference, including Petr Zahradník from Qminers.

Experts, government representatives and technology innovators discussed key topics affecting the development of the modern construction industry at the remspace conference. Our director Lukáš Kačena led the discussion together with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic and the companies Ewas Platform and Blindspot Solutions. Jan Kalashnikov spoke on behalf of our members on how to use data and AI to increase productivity and efficiency.

The topic of AI was also covered by remspace in several interviews. The Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartos stressed the importance of the neutrality of the data on which AI is trained and highlighted the role of and

👏 Local AI scene news that makes us proud

We have the best computer scientists

At one of the 30 most prestigious scientific conferences in the world, ICCV, a paper on displaying graph solvability in practice by Assoc. Tomáš Pajdla from CIIRC CTU ranked top 17 among more than 2000 other papers.

The prestigious Neuron Prize

Scientist Zuzana Kúkelová from FEL CTU received the Neuron Award for Young Scientists for her achievement in finding solutions to complex mathematical equations that help robots “see” better. She is the first ever female winner of the award in the field of computer science.

Improved video search algorithms

Jakub Lokoč from MFF CUNI has been awarded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic for his contribution to the development of algorithms for video search, with the aim of efficiently locating content matching text queries. His work has led to the establishment of a research group at MFF UK and has enriched teaching by enabling students to develop their own search tools and compete against them.


The RaDron will now help detect radioactivity detections. An advanced autonomous drone from the FEL CTU workshop with unique ADVACAM particle detectors will enable effective detection of radioactivity sources, including moving ones.

Even better translator

An app from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University can translate between Czech and several other world languages. And it now also allows you to use a conversation mode that automatically translates the voice of both parties in a conversation.

3D print on steroids

Charles University Innovations Prague, a subsidiary of Charles University, has established a spin-off company, Additive Appearance. The company has come to market with innovative software that enables accurate simulation of 3D models for 3D printing. It is based on the unique knowledge of computer graphics and years of research by scientists from MFF UK.

1 + 0 = 2

The CTU FIT Faculty Podcast “Jedničky a Nuly” celebrated its two-year anniversary this October. The first episode thematically aired on 10/10/2021 at 10:10 a.m., and you can look forward to the 25th episode this Friday.

iEquilibrium lookback

The conference on why not to be afraid of artificial intelligence took place at CIIRC CTU. Several dozen speakers discussed what AI can really do and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

How to engage AI in communication

How to use “smart” digital tools to save time and financial resources without conflicting with the ethical principles of research was the subject of a lecture at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University.

Does AI choose a partner better than mom?

In an interview with Hospodářské noviny Prof. Jiří Matas described how he perceives the rise of AI, and that he himself would not be worried. According to him, AI can even advise you on choosing a partner better than your own mom! Can AI lie? And what will be the next “big” step for AI after ChatGPT?

AI has been with us for a long time

Prof. Roman Barták from the MFF UK was a guest on the programme Souvislosti Plus ČRo. He explained that the concept of artificial intelligence has been with us since 1956 and also talked about what has changed the perception of AI by the general public the most.

Focused on: AI

Artificial intelligence was also a big topic for Forum, the magazine of CUNI. As well as an interview with ChatGPT, articles on how to involve AI in the justice system or how it can help with tutoring, the issue also features an interview with Ondřej Bojar, who is one of the initiators of and works on machine translation at the MFF CUNI.

AV spreads know-how

Experts from the Image Information Processing Department of the Institute of Information Processing of the CAS held a workshop for FTV Prima, where they introduced the company’s executives and managers to the possibility of deploying AI in everyday operations. The event was held under the as part of the AV21 Strategy programme, which seeks to motivate the transfer of know-how of experts from the CAS to practise.

Medal for innovation

Rossum was awarded as the top innovator in the 4th Deep Analysis Innovation Awards 2023. The company received the award for its innovative business solutions that not only solve complex and costly problems, but also add significant value to employees, customers and partners.

Praised Resistant AI

Resistant AI won a prestigious award at the Inaugural APAC Payments Excellence Awards for its innovative use of AI and data in the payments sector. Their solution effectively protects payment onboarding and transaction monitoring systems against manipulation and attacks by cybercriminals.

Solutions for congested public transport

The Ministry of Transport has started working on a law that would allow municipalities and other state institutions to finance demand-response transport. One such solution for public transport is offered by CITYA, whose taxi-buses have been tested in Říčany for over a year already.

Are we on the cusp of a technological revolution?

Petr Somol, director of AI research at Gen Digital, spoke to ČRo about the relationship between humans and AI. In addition to the moral challenges of autonomous vehicles, he shared what AI can do and what those who develop and analyse it themselves think about it.

You won’t get to the top without AI

Jan Kleindienst, co-founder and Co-CEO of MAMA AI, was a guest in the studio of Radio Prostor. He and the host discussed how AI is opening the doors to new opportunities and challenges. You will also find out how to use it in communication and what risks it involves.

Doesn’t lie and can keep a secret

Blindspot Solutions have launched a virtual assistant called AskYourData. In an interview with CzechCrunch, CTO Štěpán Kopřiva describes exactly how this ChatGPT-based assistant works.

Media monitoring

AI in the world of media monitoring, as well as how AI innovates innovates and simplifies the process, was presented by Newton Media at the FIBEP conference in Singapore.

🎭 Events we’re excited about

8 Nov – Round Table III

8-9 Nov – ADRF23

9 Nov – DaiZ’23

9 Nov – AI in context (of quantum chemistry)

20-24 Nov – Czech Digital Week

21-22 Nov – MAMA AI Academy

22 Nov – Data, robots & cows

23 Nov – Smart Cars Day

25 Nov – FIT CTU Open Day

30 Nov – AI in context (of legal regulations)

Europe’s largest conference in the field of Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning, ML Prague 2024 will take place on 22-24 April next year. Now you can buy the last early bird ticket at a discount. As in previous years, we are a community partner of the event.

You can find all the events we find interesting in our Google calendar. 

🧩 Stuff that interests us

  • Open Source AI Book – a guide that covers all the most important categories in Open Source AI, from model evaluation to deployment. It includes a glossary of definitions, a quick summary in each section, plus each topic has clearly stated advantages/disadvantages and general context/background.
  • AI and Responsible Journalism Toolkit – A collection of resources that introduce journalists and communicators to key topics in AI research and debunk harmful myths. Compiled by the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence and the University of Cambridge.
  • AI gifts from Fameplay – Fameplay, a company that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence, has put together a table of useful AI resources they’ve tested.
  • According to Europe in Data, AI is commonly used by a third of students at school. Will Czech education ride the wave of optimism? And how can AI in schools help not only students but also teachers in the future?

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📢 Community calls

Seeking experts in AI based vision algorithm

  • A Korean SME specializing in automated logistics measures plans to develop a new type of robotic arm in a mobile machine for the semiconductor industry. The company seeks experts in AI-based vision system to apply for the EUREKA or EUROSTAR programme under the EU research cooperation agreement.

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