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Established by leading Czech scientists

prg.ai was founded in 2019 by academics from the Czech Technical University, Charles University, and the Czech Academy of Sciences, with a significant contribution provided by the City of Prague. This unprecedented synergy of human and institutional resources is driven by the ambition to make full use of local potential and transform Prague into a European centre of artificial intelligence.

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Elevating Prague’s profile in the field of AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming essential in questions of economic growth, education, and quality of life. That is why we are building a platform that will empower the Prague innovation ecosystem to join the ranks of global leaders in the research and application of AI. We nurture a competitive, yet inclusive environment since we believe such qualities foster bold ideas and encourage valuable solutions that benefit all of our country’s inhabitants.


Acting strategically and systematically

To achieve our vision, we have created nine development programs divided into three key areas. Each project is carried out both by our internal team and by working groups composed of experts with diverse specialisations.

  • People

    We strive to foster the new generation of AI talent at various education levels, from integrating AI into the curricula of secondary schools and universities to training and re-skilling employees as well as the general public. We are constantly working to attract up-and-coming trailblazers to the Prague scene, and we work locally to create attractive conditions to retain them. Our goal in this area is to support the diversity of the local human potential, whether in terms of experience, opportunities, gender, culture or ethnicity.

  • Impact

    In order to enable research in Prague to continually improve, we are developing valuable connections between academia and industry and seek new sources of funding for scientific research. We support innovations that will improve Czech companies’ ability to establish themselves on the international market, and we encourage the incubation and development of local startups with global potential. We ensure that solutions based on artificial intelligence respect human and civil rights.

  • Ecosystem

    We strive to ease the exchange of information, experience, and contacts across the Prague innovation scene. We are dedicated to building a community that is based on openness, credibility, togetherness, courage and excellence, and we work tirelessly to facilitate its relationships with local and international partners. We promote Czech success stories in AI to the Czech as well as international audience and highlight both the benefits and risks of implementing AI-based solutions.


Who’s behind prg.ai

  • Lenka Kucerova prg.ai

    Lenka Kučerová


  • Jan Tomes prg.ai

    Jan Tomeš


  • Julie Kovarikova prg.ai

    Julie Kovaříková


  • Eva Bendlová prg.ai

    Eva Bendlová


  • Barbora Bromová

    Barbora Bromová


  • Sara Polak prg.ai

    Sara Polak


  • michal pechoucek prg.ai Czech Technical University

    prof. Michal Pěchouček, MSc.

  • jan sedivy prg.ai Czech Technical University

    Ing. Jan Šedivý, CSc.

  • pavel kordik prg.ai Czech Technical University

    doc. Ing. Pavel Kordík, Ph.D.

  • pavel kordik prg.ai Charles University

    doc. RNDr. Ondřej Bojar, Ph.D.

  • vaclav moravec prg.ai Charles University

    PhDr. Václav Moravec, Ph.D.

  • pavel jurus prg.ai Czech Academy of Sciences

    Mgr. Pavel Juruš, Ph.D.

  • jaromir beranek prg.ai City of Prague

    Mgr. Ing. Jaromír Beránek

  • vojtech petricek prg.ai Czech Technical University

    doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc.

  • zbynek skvor cvut Czech Technical University

    prof. Ing. Zbyněk Škvor, CSc.

  • tomas zima prg.ai Charles University

    prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., MBA

  • jan kratochvil univerzita karlova Charles University

    prof. RNDr. Jan Kratochvíl, CSc

  • emil pelikan akademie ved cr Czech Academy of Sciences

    prof. Ing. Emil Pelikán, CSc.

  • marek havrda prg.ai City of Prague

    Mgr. et Mgr. Marek Havrda, Ph.D.

  • jakub nesetril prg.ai Industrial members representative

    Jakub Nešetřil

  • lubos kral prg.ai Czech Technical University

    Luboš Král


  • David Pešek prg.ai Czech Technical University

    David Pešek


  • Jaroslav Sip prg.ai Czech Technical University

    Jaroslav Šíp

    International partnerships

  • Jiří Materna ML College

    Jiří Materna

    AI education

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