Enabling innovation

AI is expected to contribute $13-16 trillion to global GDP. [1] [2] [3]For Czechia to play a significant role in the new economy, we need innovative companies and startups that develop products and services reaching far beyond our country’s borders. What’s more, we need well-established companies successfully implementing innovation in real-life use cases.

Do you want to make good use of systems that optimise and automate tedious tasks, increase productivity, or help inform your executive decision-making? Are you looking for tools addressing various needs or are you interested in cooperation with the academic sector? We have compiled a database of Prague companies and research groups.

Successful implementation of innovation is possible only with ongoing education and constant motivation of your employees. To that end, we launched the Czech version of the free online course Elements of AI and created our own content platform, Journal. become a member

Nourishing the ecosystem

Alongside the founding institutions, private companies comprise the membership base of They acknowledge the importance of an educated, smart, and well-funded community that shares the common vision of transforming Prague into a European AI hub.

They all offer advanced AI products and services, employ highly skilled professionals, and closely collaborate with academia. Knowing these functions are essential to be able to prepare our society and its economy for the world of tomorrow, these companies play an integral role in

One of our goals is to enable the growth of our members. We connect them with potential clients, perspective employees, or top tier experts from different fields. We explore interesting projects for them to participate in locally and internationally. We seek synergies among our members, offering a platform to share information, knowledge, and experience.


The organisation has entered its fifth year of existence with a new partnership concept and three distinctive partners on board. “Opening up to a broader base of companies has been one of my priorities since taking office. I see the new partnership concept as a natural evolution of our activities connecting and bringing together different actors and sectors. We are seeing a significant demand from the private sector for information about AI’s possibilities. At the same time, it is not easy to navigate the topic, as it is developing really dynamically,” Kačena points out. ” says Lukáš Kačena, Director of, in March 2023.

In addition to the founding members – the City of Prague, CTU, Charles University and the Academy of Sciences – the organisation has relied on so-called industry members from the beginning. Companies for which AI is the alpha and omega of their business. In this respect, the partnership responds to the interest of firms outside the industry trying to implement AI within their fields. And to do so with the maximum possible benefit for themselves and their clients.

What unites these at-first-glance different partners is that even if they don’t have a business built around AI, they are best suited to be leaders in their industries in its adoption and use.


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