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New Media and Journalism

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the newest trends in automatic online journalism and AI journalism. These trends are part of a new qualitative phase in the development of the news media, which are being affected by digitalization, the development of computer networks (web 2.0 respectively) and elements of artificial intelligence. The series of lectures establishes the influence of the media that we tend to categorize as new (the so-called digital media networks) in the context of the autonomous types of social interactions that characterise journalism. The content looks at the newest trends in online journalism and AI journalism from the viewpoints of 1) an individual journalist, 2) media organizations and 3) the audience. A necessary condition is an understanding of the conceptual framework (e.g. data journalism, mobile journalism, participative journalism, citizen journalism, convergence journalism, etc). The ambition is to endow future journalists with the best preparation possible for working in today’s media.


Nová média a žurnalistika
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New Media and Journalism
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